Aku dan Kamar

Aku dan Kamar

Selasa, 22 November 2016

10 of What Most Probably Hit Us at The Moment

10 of What Most Probably Hit Us at The Moment

We went to paris that night
for birthday cake and
some sweet words before the states
“tomorrow i want to live forever.."
"what if the plane leaving you? u will be late!"

kemudian mama
we rode that night with some fancy lovely teenager power of
no fear whatsoever
you bought some flowers the fake ones you prefer, I know
exactly why but I didn’t agree
we didn’t argue

are we really want to try every chinese food in town?
are we really?

so I kiss your hands gently
over and over
I surrender, almost in everything
you’re delphy and I am the ethan
how many times we try to resemble this nonsensical

Tol and everyday crap you having in kantor we barely talk
traffic macat kemilau kuning cahaya lampu blingsatan almost
10 at night
but it’s the Turkish airlines’ delights in the beginning of the
if you recall that a340 to istanbul so pasionatelly how
ataturk give life so much trouble no wifi
but fun! I waited for hours for delayed flight kinda like
how I got to you, lad

after dark after so long of dummy dummy summer I had

Bonn lied to me 
the moon never came anyway

I rubbed my life
found you to avoid that cgk
but cgk always landed on your empty heart

otherwise people ask their never ending questions with
complete guts and fiasco. does longing really come this often?

Come on


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