Aku dan Kamar

Aku dan Kamar

Sabtu, 01 Oktober 2016

Philly Cheese Takes My Poems to U

Philly Cheese Takes My Poems to U

: One who's always taking good care of my NY NJ NY NJ Philly Trip,
after bolt bus and we met in front of Drexler.

And now you are there, Yas. Good for you.

Let's enjoy some rita's and chitchatting city of them.
Tho life's rough and poverty likes chasing people brutally sometimes. many times.
not to mention the smell of
Chinatown with buses that don't accept card only coins as I recall.

then love comes and fulfill your lonely-not always sunny-Philadelphia to Great Grand Seattle without knowing kenapa nasib mengundangmu ke kota yang jauhjauh-dewedewe telek pitik.

where are they from? love and longing and distance and crying and playstation and loneliness complexing wholesomeness creating ideas of no sex. until now until now..

May God grant you and wife a good Gotama and many years !


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