Aku dan Kamar

Aku dan Kamar

Rabu, 21 Desember 2016

2016 is an Om Telolet Om Kinda Year

2016 is an Om Telolet Om Kinda Year

so yeaey, iv been telling you the history of the church
you ask me about the same jesus
when was he born (??)
julian gregorian i don't give a darn really
people divided so much these days
careless or ignorant-either way
is good

lemme purchase sincerity and some fake love on amazon

jerusalem supposed to be solemn
allepo why not calm
i will mention palestine karachi myanmar seoul but not the regions nearby
payakumbuh and tangsel
they aren't poetic for u, pretty sure

"Assalamualaikum Borobudur Plaza (2x)"
It was teduh peaceful dan menyejukkan, people riding motorbikes. loving caring, exchanging salam

but this is 2016 after all
news news news are instant foods in mama's kitchen. never good depends  on the momentoum
paypaypay money vanishing happiness 2.0

lemme tell you about icons
liturgy and all the how history crafted beliefs
jerusa, jerusa, jerusalem, really. from betlehem till golgota
jesus was speaking aramaic
did holy eucharist > dancing syabalabala
let them be condemned, if you may

did philosophy really make civilization or people could civilemselves w/o it

lemme clearly tell u this is not a chicken-egg discussion
this is light supposedly poems
so ama scattering words
u just read and listen

i believe in you
don't i


Sore Jokja


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